Girl crushes? Those are in our genes. Whether we're talking about models, bloggers, or simply cool girls, Lydia Ouellette is one to keep your eye out for. Since Silkstaq is all about bloggers who are confident and love their body (all sizes welcome here) Lydia is a girl who entails all of those traits. We always look for girls who know what they want, and go for it. 


1. What is the most exciting part about being a YouTuber?

Getting the chance to connect with a whole bunch of different people. Whether that's subscribers who tell me about how my videos helped them gain the confidence to wear clothes and styles they like, or meeting other content creators who love fashion and beauty just as much as me! 


2. What do you love about Silkstaq?

I love the concept of Silkstaq. I’ve only stuck my toe in the water when it comes to following bloggers and it frustrated me that I didn’t have one website that I could scroll through to find new bloggers I would like and could keep tabs on and follow. Since more and more people are joining the online fashion and beauty world, we are seeing all different kinds of people being represented and I think it’s really important that there be somewhere that you can find someone who looks like you and also dresses in your style so it can keep you inspired!


3. What’s your greatest advice for aspiring models/bloggers in terms of being confident and following their dreams?

My biggest advice is to work hard, stay passionate, and to be yourself. It takes a lot of work to become successful, but if you put in the time and you have the drive to do it, it will be well worth it!


4. What’s always in your purse?

Regardless of what purse I’m using, I always keep a small makeup bag with me! I’ll stick whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day and a bit of powder and I have tons of things that always stay in that bag! Bobby pins, hair ties, tissues, q-tips, makeup wipes, hand sanitizers, concealer, a pen, a mini deodorant… anything I might need at some point during the day! It’s something I’ve started recently but it makes me feel a little better that I’m equipped to keep myself going for a long, busy day. I also try to bring a small notebook and a planner with me since I am quite scatter brained and always busy. It’s the most effective to be able to write down my thoughts or things I need to get done!


5. Music festival style: in or out?

In! In in in! I love music and fashion, so music festivals are my dream! I love going to them and seeing the fashion online and watching the live sets from festivals I can’t attend! I love the idea that any and all fashion choices are accepted and celebrated and I really think that festival fashion really defines the summer trends for each year! 

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