(Originally posted on Wordpress on Apr 29, 2016)

Hi Silkstaq friends! And happy Friday! We’ve got a new series we’re launching called Date with An Influencer, where we interview our favorite bloggers/ YouTubers/ Instagrammers (is there anything left?) in a raw and candid format. Expect to see one post up every Friday, along with a different beauty inspired post on Monday or Tuesday!

This week, we’re interviewing Kate from Prep of Boston. If you check out her page, you’ll fall in love with her too. Between bright white walls, delicious-looking sweets, and affordable yet stylish clothes, Kate is the girl we all want to be.


1. Tell us what inspires you immediately when you walk outside.

The sun. The sunshine. And the light. Lighting on buildings, anything bright. It goes with my aesthetic on my Instagram. Rainy days are not my friend!

2. What do you find are the most important traits of being an Instagrammer?

Your mind is constantly going. I’m always thinking about everything through an Instagram lens: what fits in a square.  I’m always thinking about finding beauty in things other people don’t find as beautiful.  I like making things look pretty. 

3. Do you like taking pictures or being a model more?

That’s a hard question! It’s funny, one of my biggest secrets is that a lot of my photos are on self-timer, so technically I took the photo myself. I guess now my secret is exposed! So I’ve found a secret way to be both a photographer and a model. 


4. What’s always in your purse?

Chapstick. I have about ten different lip glosses/ lip stains/ lip sticks that range from reds to pinks to nudes. Receipts. A nail file. I can’t stand it when my nails are rough and get caught on anything! 2 pairs of sunnies: always. 

5. If you could wear one look for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

White button down and jeans. 

Thanks, Kate for agreeing to be interviewed for our series, and stay tuned for next week!

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