(Originally published Apr 21, 2016)

BCBGeneration dress via Charlotte’s Closet, Aeropostale wedge sneakers

Hi guys! Alexa from A Life in the Fashion Lane here again. I’m almost sad to write this post because it’s my last outfit post from my shoot in Manhattan last week with the Silkstaq team! But, this sexy blue dress has me crazy excited to plan our next shoot.

I was in Manhattan for a conference, and had just a few hours to plan to shoot before the sun went down. In Manhattan, when the sun goes down, people definitely come out to play. In my case, I was trying to shoot and make a train in time to head back to Boston. Yep, your girl is always on the go. And, I made the photo shoot AND meeting!

Charlotte’s Closet gave us all of the clothing for the shoot, and since I was (as usual) late in completing the pull, she only had a few sizes available. This dress wasn’t my top choice for an outfit, but, I made it work. That’s what working in fashion comes down to: making situations that aren’t always ideal, somehow work. Dresses break, shoe laces go missing, white sneakers get dirty…that’s real life! Wedge sneakers and a dress like this? Not ideal! Those were the only sneakers I brought with me to NYC, so I had to make it work.

Work, work, work (thank you, Rihanna, for reminding us to keep werking).