Date With an Influencer: Meet Style and Sushi

Silkstaq has been touring the world over the past few weeks, heading everywhere between Boston and Europe. If you've been following us on Instagram, you'll see how much fun we had in Paris for a few days, and Cannes for the rest. We've got some lovely content coming up featuring Cannes Film Festival: so stay tuned for that!

This week, we interviewed student and style blogger Laura, of Style and Sushi. We fell hard for Laura's beautiful and clean aesthetic, super authentic and real girl attitude, plus her affordable + cute style! She's based in the Netherlands, which is an area we haven't traveled to yet (shocker, right?) though plan on heading to soon. Some of the biggest names in fashion have originated from cities like Amsterdam!

 The Silkstaq team knows what it's like to be in school yet also want to afford clothing that makes us look + feel great, and Laura has successfully accomplished both. That's why we figured she'd be a perfect candidate to showcase on this weeks blog. 

Scroll through the slideshow below to get a peak at what her life is like, and make sure to follow her on the Silkstaq feed as well!  

1. We adore your aesthetic on your Instagram. How did it come about? 
Thank you! Ever since I left high school I really started liking minimal colors such as black, white and grey and just very clean/minimal style, lines and architecture. I usually get inspired by other minimalist bloggers and architecture. I can scroll through Tumblr and Pinterest for ages looking at those minimalist images. Slowly but surely I started incorporating 'minimalism' into my own life, which also makes it easier to share an aesthetic like that on my social media platforms.  

2. Why do you like Silkstaq?
I am pretty new to Silkstaq, but ever since I signed up I discovered so many new bloggers! I don't think I would have come across so many new bloggers via another platform. I also love that Silkstaqmakes it possible to find other bloggers that are the same size as I am, or like to dress the same as I do! I find it hard to discover new bloggers that have a similar shapes and similar style and I feel like Silkstaq made that search a lot easier for me! 

3. What's your biggest advice for aspiring models/bloggers in terms of being confident and following their dreams?

My biggest advice is to work hard and to be yourself. Also do things in life that you love and share that with the world. If you write about the things in life that you love, confidence will shine through! 

4. What's your go-to GNO (girls night out) outfit? 
Is it bad when I say that I don't really have one as m friends and I don't really leave the house when we're having a girls night? We usually end up in pyjama's after we've done our makeup because ended up watching a movie or we're just too lazy to go out at all. If I do go out, I would normally wear either a pair of black skinny jeans or a pantalon with a simple t-shirt, a shirt, a blouse or some sort of cami top paired with either a pair of trainers or some sort of a smart shoe like. I am all about comfort, so no high heels for my clumsy self on a girls night out!

5. Trend you're hoping makes a comeback?Ahh I can't think of any trends that I hope to make a comeback, as I usually stick to my own style anyway. My current go-to outfit is a pantalon with a simple tee and a pair of trainers. I really like that business chic vibe combined with the 'athleisure' vibe, so I guess I hope that one will stick around for a while!