Alexa X Cannes Film Festival

When we think of our bloggers, we think of girls who entail a few traits. They're confident, they're uber cool, they're not afraid to take risks, and they've all got something special. Our bloggers are our family! They're going to match prints, endure a full day in high heels with no complaining, and shop at vintage stores AND designer boutiques. 

If you google Silkstaq, that paragraph better be in the definition of Silkstaq.

One blogger we set our eyes on is Alexa Curtis from A Life in the Fashion Lane. We shot her in NYC a few months ago with our resident Silkstaq photographer, Ian, and she had the chance to shoot with Ian again in Cannes for the Film Festival. She described Cannes to us as a Paris Fashion Week to the next level: more celebrities, more red carpets, and even more incredible style. Now, that's the kind of place we want to be at. Blake Lively, can we get you on Silkstaq, please?

She wore a $20 Asos dress and $50 Asos heels to the Magnum x Kendall Jenner afterparty, and managed to sneak a few of her best friends in. Ian shot her outside the party (unfortunately, she couldn't get a +5!) in a series of pictures above. What began with eating Turkish street food and tasting baklava ended up with hanging out with KJ and eating chocolate dipped ice cream. Ian and Alexa ended an incredible evening at the Intercontinental Hotel bar, discussing fashion and life over cocktails and olives. 

To see more of Alexa and her site, go here and the Silkstaq feed, where you'll see everything about her you could possibly want!