Boston Calling Day 1 // Cecile Bizet x Silkstaq

Youtuber Cecile Bizet is visiting us this weekend from Portland, ME to attend Boston Calling. We're excited to share with you her fun festival styles. For opening night, Cecile went with a preppier look, since "it is Boston, after all." Here, she's paired a menswear short-sleeved button-down shirt with black jeans and a marble-detailed necklace. T-strap sandals are the perfect festival footwear, especially when it's as hot out as it is this weekend! (Addendum: as it turns out, these T-strap sandals may be better for shorter days, as Cecile reported that her feet really hurt after wearing them for an entire day...ouch!)

Q. What do you love about Boston Calling?

I love music festivals! I feel the most myself when I'm at a festival. I love watching how sharing music brings everyone out of their shells and reminds us of what's really important in the world - love, community, and open-mindedness.

Q. Who were you most excited to see Friday night?

Sufjan Stevens and Sia! It was so awesome to dance along to Sia. I got a great spot near the front of the stage. I've trained as a dancer my whole life and when I was 7, I choreographed a dance to "Breathe Me", a song that was really moving to me as a child. It was amazing to experience Sia performing that song and it brought back so manymemories.

Q. What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

I'm starting a gelato shop in Rockland, ME with my mom! I'll be working there all summer, plus hopefully hanging out with Silkstaq on the road as much as possible!


shirt okay full disclosure - Cecile scoped this from the menswear department of TJMaxx

jeans mid-rise American Apparel

necklace H&M

sandals Steve Madden

Stay tuned to the Silkstaq blog for Cecile Bizet's Boston Calling Day 2 and 3 outfits! Keep up with Cecile's photos and videos on her Silkstaq profile here!