Boston Calling Day 2 // Cecile Bizet x Silkstaq

We're back with Portland, ME Youtuber Cecile Bizet for Day 2 of Boston Calling. On Saturday, the weather climbed into the 90's - yikes! It was crazy hot and humid for a late May day on the East Coast. Here's a super breezy look to stay cool (or as cool as possible) in the crowds. We shot this on a boat dock with the sun beating down, but Cecile manages to look pretty chill right? 

Q. How do you stay cool on brutally hot days like Sat?

Yeah, it was pretty hot, but I stayed hydrated and just embraced the fact that I was sweating. It's all about having the right mindset. "Hey, I'm with all of these people, we're all sweating, we could all be miserable, but we're all having fun."

Q. Who were you excited to see at Boston Calling Day 2?

BORNS. He was unbelievable! He's an amazing performer and his songs are so uplifting. I love how comfortable he is expressing his own unique style and flirting with the edge of traditionally-defined masculinity. I also enjoyed Odesza - I love how electronic music serves as a map for your movement. When the beat drops, everyone starts dancing like crazy! It really brings people together. Everyone's hugging each other afterwards. I had an amazing place too close to the front of the stage.

Q. Any tips for landing a good spot?

Yeah, I have a lot of tricks for getting a great spot. So, approach from the side and go as far to the front as you can. Once you're about two or three rows of people deep, start going in from the side. Nicely say "excuse me" and smile at people, and when you're at a place with a good view of the stage, you can slowly start inching towards the front. And of course, it helps to go early!

Q. How do you stay in such good shape?

With my busy schedule, I don't have a lot of time to work out. I really rely on eating healthy. I try to eat real and whole foods as much as possible and stay away form sugar and unnecessary food additives. I've been pescatarian (I eat fish but not meat) for a month now and have become more mindful of what I eat because of it.


Shirt - Free People

Bralette - Urban Outfitters

Backback - Urban Outfitters

Shorts - "Mom jeans from Goodwill for $4.50 that I cut"

Shoes - Vision Street Wear $10 thrifted from Jonette's Ravishing Recalls in Rockland, ME

Necklace - LF

Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave us a comment if you liked Cecile's outfit. Check out more of Cecile's awesome style on her Silkstaq page. Lookout for Sunday's outfit on the Silkstaq blog tomorrow!