Boston Calling Day 3 // Cecile Bizet x Silkstaq

Here's the third and final post of Boston Calling festival style with Cecile Bizet. For the last day of the festival, Cecile styled a flowy black dress tucked in the front into a pair of black denim shorts, but left untucked in the back. The result is an almost mermaid-like effect. As a stark contrast to Saturday's intense humidity and heat, Sunday was gray and a bit rainy, so Cecile mayyyyyyy have had to throw on a jacket over this... 

Q. What was your inspiration for this outfit?

I feel most comfortable in things that are breezy! My style isn't very "girly" though, so this outfit to me was a balance, where it wasn't too frilly and it was (my fav color) black, but it still had that flow that's very feminine and beautiful. I feel very comfortable and confident in this outfit.

Q. What bands were you excited to see on Sunday?

Actually, the band I was most excited to see the whole weekend was on Sunday - Unknown Mortal Orchestra! Since they’re not hugely well known yet, I didn’t have to compete for space. I had plenty of room to dance at the front near the stage and it felt very personal. Disclosure was also unbelievable! As they were the last show of the night AND it was the last show on their tour, it was n indescribably amazing moment. It's the whole idea where people don't appreciate things until they're gone. Ahhhhhh this amazing weekend is ending - we need to have as much fun as we can. Everyone was really into it. There were these blow-up watermelons and ice cream cones floating around. Disclosure kept on saying, "You guys are the loudest crowd we've played for on this tour!" It was bittersweet, because the show was ending, but it was awesome. 

Q. Now that Boston Calling is over, what are you up to for the rest of the summer?

I'm finishing up my sophomore year of high school in Maine. At the end of June, I'll be starting a gelato shop with my mom, called Gelato Rose. So I'll be crafting and serving gelato and spreading positivity in the community. 

Q. What flavors will Gelato Rose carry?

A rose flavor definitely, also we came up with lavender-lemon, Nutella-crunch, blueberry pie for that Maine theme, strawberry rhubarb, and maple syrup...and lots more!

Q. What are you most excited for this summer?

I'm erally excited to put my energy into making an impact on my hometown. As a Youtuber, I've mostly focused my energies online, reaching out to the world, and I feel like I haven't been too present in my hometown community of Rockland, Maine. So I'm excited to get grounded and in touch with home. 


black dress - Urban Outfitter

shorts - H&M

sandals - Steve Madden

necklace - LF

Thanks for shooting with us, Cecile! We have one more post with Cecile planned, so stay tuned for the first installment of the Introspection Series