#SilkstaqBloggers Ep 2: Rainy Day Shoot

Some Bostonians criticize the city for developing high-rise buildings right on the waterfront, as these block the water from being seen from most of the city. However, the Boston Harborwalk is one of my favorite places precisely because these tall buildings serve as a buffer from the bustle of the city. They make the walkway along the water feel secluded and safe, a demurely secret pathway. There are all sorts of interesting stairs, bridges, and underpasses, that altogether lend the Harborwalk an almost Alice-in-Wonderland aesthetic. And then at one particular juncture, there's this utterly bizarre sculptural quartet (note: they don't really have logos on them - that's just a joke). 

This cluster of giant laptop-looking sculptures was one of several spots on the Boston Harborwalk where Silkstaq had planned on shooting with our bloggers on June 11th. Since it started raining as soon as we walked outside though, we never made it there. 

To duck the rain, we tried to shoot in a nearby stylish hotel lobby, but no sooner than Jackie had snapped a few portraits of Malaysha and Erica in front of some very plush leather sofas, we were summarily kicked out. So, as the rain began to pick up and beat its melancholy patter with more intensity, we made the best of it by picking a close-by spot on the waterfront to take a few shots. 

Although everyone was getting chilly and increasingly drenched, there was nevertheless something deeply lovely about that rain and those gray skies, like the sky was crying itself clean. At least, that's how I remember it now, although at the time, I was deeply annoyed with the weather.

For this shoot, we asked the bloggers to each wear an outfit that best expressed their unique style. For the most part, the Boston style seems to be casual but elegant, with lots of summer whites. Unintentional accessories: umbrellas. 


Alexa Curtis - A Life In the Fashion Lane
@alexa_curtis / Silkstaq

Christie Ashley -
@christieashley / Silkstaq

Christina - ChristinaBeex3
@christinabeex3 / Silkstaq

Emily - Hello, Emy
@lovelyemy / Silkstaq

Erica - The Glamourous Guide
@ericalcal / Silkstaq

Florencia - Flo Loves Clothes
@florencia95 / Silkstaq

Leigha - The Lilac Press
@thelilacpress / Silkstaq

Malaysha - Lay Summers
@laysummers / Silkstaq

Melina Dania - Dallianse
@melinadania / Silkstaq

Nishat Nguyen - @nishatnguyen
@nishatnguyen / Silkstaq

We missed Helena (@metropolitanfashionista / Silkstaq) of Metropolitan Fashionista at the Rainy Day shoot, but she'll appear in #SilkstaqBloggers Ep. 3 - Feat. Tangoella! Look out for our post this Wed!