Silkstaq meets Alicia of The Neon Fox

Ah, New York. Here in Boston, we look to New York and New Yorkers with a mixture of admiration (for being simply the best), trepidation (falling AC units kill innocent pedestrians!), and something akin to awe. New York has a certain visceral quality that is impossible not to respond to, whether you're quietly terrified of overly confrontational pedestrians or thrilled at the relentless pulse of talent that New Yorkers seem to take for granted. 

I never did get around to writing 'Silkstaq NYC Trip Part 2' (so forgive me these oddly-timed musings), but had I done so, I would have told you about the thrilling Sunday when we met three glowing NYC fashion bloggers, one after another. In retrospect, that day was so weirdly beautiful...we had only just gotten in touch with the bloggers, quite happenstance, I think because Flo had used some likely nyc/style hashtags, like the Insta-genius she is. Then, like something out of a fairy tale, three lovely fashion bloggers materialized. That it was our last day in New York made it even more special. Alicia was the middle princess. 

We met Alicia ('c' like 'sea', not 'she') in a Breather, a commercial room rentable via the eponymous app (promo code for free credit: MRBNUZ) on Broadway St around lunchtime. She came in like a whirlwind of electric goodness: her golden bronzer lit up her face and her electric personality lit up the room. Amazing photos were taken. Bonding over mutual adoration of Rihanna occurred, hence the music selection above. We loved getting to know a little bit about her super-charged NY life, and think you will too.  Check back in Friday June 9th to watch our video interview with Alicia!

 Outfit Details:

Bag: Vintage Thrifted Perlina

Jacket & Shirt : Forever 21

Shoes: ALDO

Pants: Boohoo

Choker: H&M

Pinky ring: Tarin Thomas