Rocker on the Beach: WRECKLESS GIRL

The Silkstaq Team met Christine AKA Wreckless at Venice a California surfer-themed restaurant in Old Montreal. Over sushi bowls and some sort of tacos, we got a glimpse of Christine's fascinating life. Having grown up on the South Shore, Christine is a Montreal native who is inimitably comfortable in her own skin. She calls downtown Montreal "the island" (which, being geographically ignorant Americans, we were like, "what island?"). From her day job as a visual planner for a trendy apparel store to her edgy-yet-chill rocker/LA-vibe, Christine is living life to the fullest, embracing the joy of the moment, and sharing her supercool perspective. You can stay up to date with her blog and social media by following her on Silkstaq.

Q. How did you get started blogging?

I started back in 2007. It was mainly just for fun! I was posting about things I love and it was a way of self-expression. In the beginning, it was just a hobby that I would do on the weekend sometimes. At some point, I became more and more active on the blog. At a certain point, I had to change the name, because it was just a random name at that time. I was getting a lot of feedback from my followers, and I decided to change my name. I changed my social networks, and now everything is aligned, and it’s easier to find me.

Q. Aha, the genesis of 'wreckless'. So how did you come up with Wreckless?

I was looking for a short name for the blog. It was a few weeks of searching and writing down some names. It was my best friend who came up with it. "How about reckless?" It was the Urban Slang Dictionary who added the W in the front. It means someone who doesn’t give a sh*t. I read the description and felt like, yeah, that’s who I am. It’s different. It’s bold. As soon as I read the description, I was like: this is it. I found it. It was a hard thing. I had a whole page scribbled with various words!

Q. Gotta ask, what was your pre-wreckless moniker?

ChristinaPirate. I created my first Instagram account at the beginning of Instagram. I downloaded the app just for the filters - there was no interaction with anyone. I chose 'ChristinaPirate' because pirates are badass. Around that time, I created my blog with 'ChristinaPirate' too. 

Q. How would you characterize your style? 

Edgy - rock - 90's and grunge era: the chokers and the leather jackets! Then last year I started skateboarding, just for fun. The more I did it, the more interested I got in California style. So I also have this side that’s really beachy and tomboy. Now, I sometimes try to mix the edgy rock style with CA. I like to wear boyfriend jeans, crop tops, and I’m always in Vans sneakers. 

Q. It's obvious that music is very central to your style.

Music is really important to me. I’m always listening to music. Attending a music festival or going to a concert is my favorite thing to do. I like every type of music, but I especially love rock music: punk rock and alternative. It’s been like that since I was a teenager. I started listening to music on my iPod and going to concerts when I was really young. When I was a child, I listened to my father play lots of instruments. He really loves rock and roll too. My style is definitely influenced by rocker style. When I go out, I'm more rocker- and grunge-style at night, beachy by day. I’m a weird contradiction sometime. It's like I have two personalities clashing. 

Q. Who are some of your favorite bands?

You may not know these bands if you're not into this kind of music...I listen to a lot of Bring Me the Horizon and Architects, a band in the same vibe from the UK. I've also loved The Used since they got started!

I love pop music as well - Lady Gaga, Melanie Martinez. I love girls that have their own style and aren’t afraid to accentuate it. These two are my favorites. I also love rock bands with female lead singers: Metric, The Pretty Reckless (with Taylor Momsen who plays Jenny on Gossip Girl). 

Q. Can you tell us about your awesome tattoos?

I love tattoos. This is my first tattoo [right wrist]. It’s just a star, really simple. I did that maybe 10 years ago. I have a little heart [left outer wrist] and a lightning bolt on my left ribs. They don’t have specific meanings. I’m a person who can't know in advance what I'll want. I follow a lot of tattoo artists from around the world. Sometimes artists are posting sketches. I have an original piece of a skull with moth wings on my right thigh. I was following this girl from Montreal - she was posting sketches and one day I saw it, fell in love it, and the next day I was going to her shop. 

I like to draw a lot, so maybe one day I can draw something. I really love Valfré, an artist who draws very girly graphics, the kind of stuff I draw. I really love her style - she’s one of my favorites.

Q. What are you fav places to shoot in Montreal?

I never really plan my shoots. I'll just be somewhere with one of my girlfriends or my boyfriend and "okay, let’s take pictures." I feel that if I were to plan something, it's not going to be as interesting as I wish it would be. 


Jeans (high-waisted mom jeans with zero stretch and ankle crop) - Garage
Lace-up top - Garage
Choker - Garage
Shoes - Vans
Leather jacket - vintage
Leather bag - vintage

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