Montreal Fashion Influencers: Jon Arseneau

Q. What brought you to Montreal?

Music. I knew music was going to be a part of my life. I just didn’t know to what degree. Now I make a living as a musician. I wanted to study somewhere the music culture was actually happening. Just to get to listen to a bunch of stuff, also the programs here are pretty good. I finished that about 2 years ago, and now I make a living playing music.

Q. Are you in a band?

I’m a freelance musician. I have a few steady bands that I'm a part of. Mostly I play with Quebec artist Bobby Bazini. I got to play all around Quebec last year - he’s releasing a third album shortly. I also play in the chamber pop band Shyre - we’ll be playing at the Jazz Festival. I play in a Hip Hop Collective called Urban Science - it’s the best Thursday night in town. 

Q. Tell us about your interest in fashion

I think it started with sneakers when I was younger. I had an obsession with sneakers and I still do. That’s what got the foot in the door, no pun intended. Slowly but surely, I was looking at dressing better when I moved to Montreal 6 years ago. It was maybe a year-and-a-half ago when I really started getting into fashion and st trying to see what’s out there. 

Q. So how many pairs of sneakers do you own?

Over 50. Not sneaker head level, but it’s embarrassing.

Q. Kanye West is a huge influencer in menswear and sneaker culture, how do you feel about him?

I like it (West's brand Yeezy), I just can’t justify paying 2K for a pair of 350s right now. He’s definitely helping men get into fashion. He’s probably the #1 influence. A lot of people are getting into streetwear and boots right now. I have a noragi partly because Kanye started wearing it. 

Q. Why does fashion matter to you?

For me, I just like expressing myself through clothes. It gives me a way to just express myself other than playing music. I just choose to express myself in that way. I like feeling about myself, when I put on an outfit I really like, you feel good about yourself.

Q. How would you describe the Montreal style?

Where I’m from, style was a lot of skateboard brands. When I moved here, I felt like people had a different aesthetic. I completely changed wardrobe when I moved here. I just felt like people cared more about what they are wearing than in New Brunswick.

Q. What are your top 3 favorite items right now?

One is loose crop pants. I think those will be big for men in the future. slowly people are getting away from skinny and skin tight. There’s definitely wave out there of people who are dressing looser. Two, white sneakers for summer.. and three is pastels. Light wash denim, pastel colored tees boxy, less-fitting items.