New York Fashion Week S/S 2017

Emerging designers you NEED to check out!


Well, sadly, NYFW has come and gone, but there are still a couple collections we wanted to share. My name is Cecile Bizet. I am a Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel content creator on Youtube, as well as Silkstaq's influencer representative at NYFW. Which, is why I'm here to share my favorite looks.

While many highlighted shows such as Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, and Oscar De la Renta. I decided to share some smaller designers that you may not have seen yet. So, shall we?


The Georgine show was definitely one of my favorites. They styled short 90s style dresses with oversized outerwear for a sleek, but relaxed look . Showcasing an elegant, rocker-chic style complete with LOTS of metallics. What's not to love?


Korean fashion label, KUHO, hosted it's US debut during NYFW. The presentation is sure to make anyone who appreciates minimalist concepts very excited for what's to come. KUHO takes inspiration from architecture and art, adding to the structured, yet still casual, style.  

Amanda Maria

Canadian designer, Amanda Maria, brought the boho-minimalist style to a whole new level. Staying within a neutral color scheme, the show had the perfect balance of trend and originality. It featured pieces that would surely complement any woman's wardrobe.


Swiss Knitwear designer, IAHAI, brought a wave of creativity to the runway. With pieces that seemed suited for a washed ashore beach goddess, there was truly room for the mind to wander. The collection was clearly reminiscent of nautical and menswear-inspired styles, and was presented in an unconventional manner. Making it unique in comparison to the standard New York fashion scene.  

Jill Stuart

Last, but definitely not least, we have New York designer, Jill Stuart. She is known for her signature schoolgirl plaid ensembles, prominently featured in 1995 film Clueless. Due to this background, it is no wonder that the runway was abounding with classic 90s trends such as detached sleeves, metallics, and slip dresses. Each one with a fresh twist, fit for more current times. Honestly, I might have to buy every piece. 

Thanks for reading! Be sure to keep up with Cecile's other adventures on Instagram and Youtube.

Photos by Lumirend.