Silkstaq Update

Last August...Florencia of @florencia95 and I journeyed to Montreal and although we had managed to successfully connect with only one bloggeuse (the radiant Blondie In Canada) prior to arriving, we ended up joyfully meeting up with 8 bloggers! Sep or so (honestly, I forget when), I had a bit of a early-midlife crisis, and complete writer's block, before we had managed to document our interviews with all of the bloggers, for which I am sincerely, deeply sorry. 

I am overjoyed to say that I have just emerged from this crisis, renewed and wholly new, and am very excited to finish the blogs posts for the bloggers I had neglected to carry out my promise of showcasing. To Chloe Dumont, Westmount Fashionista, and Hey Maca, I'm really really sorry. I know apologies tend to be wholly inadequate, but I hope you'll forgive me.

Since last August, my co-founders Gordon Turibamwe (of and Zack Ma and I have been working closely together to reconstruct Silkstaq from practically scratch as it were. Honestly, this has been an arduous and surprising process and it has all but killed me. I've been, quite honestly, practically a nervous wreck for the past 7 months, because it's really scary, making something that has no guarantee of success. 

It's also taken far longer than any of us dreamed it might. You'll laugh to hear that initially, I thought - very delusional - that we would be able to do this in a mere 2 weeks. I have no idea why I thought this at the time, except that I was just frantically scrambling. I basically had scrambled eggs for brains. Actually that's gross...sorry for that horribly disgusting metaphor.

The new Silkstaq will do some amazing things that the old Silkstaq only distantly dreamed that it could do... for example, the new Silkstaq will gift the blogger who signs up with an almost instantaneous shop from their existing affiliate links (that have been mentioned in your blog). It will also do some cool collage-y things. To be unveiled very soon! We aim for April 7th, although experience has taught me not to be over-confident about deadlines. However, I am quite cheerfully optimistic that we may keep our word this time.

So - wishing you a lovely day, and successes in all your endeavors!


Silkstaq co-founder