The Truth About the Law of Attraction

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Nowadays, everywhere I look, someone is posting on social media about the Law of Attraction. It's "vision board this" and "create your reality that". It's not just my fringe-y new age-y friends (that I lose in droves the minute I quit a spiritual group) anymore. It's fashion influencers and ultra-hip mommy bloggers and maybe even hipsters.

It's awesome, but have you ever been confused about what it means to create your reality? Does it strike you as weird when someone tells you to visualize something random like a green feather just to see if you can manifest it into your reality? Have any of your friends ever corrected your language because you used one of the Manifestation 101 forbidden words of doom: "want", "need", or "try"? 

"Don't sayyyyy that! It won't come true if you say you're trying to make it happen. Trying is not having/doing/being!" Yeah, it gets confusing right? "Don't say you want something, cuz that means you don't have it!" Wait! you think. Am I supposed to run around saying, "I have a million dollars!" when I really have about $12.87 until next Tuesday? 

I don't know. I think it's confusing too. Here's what I do know though, about the Law of Attraction as it has worked for me, and about creating my reality.

You attract who you are.

That's the good news. Because who you are - who you really are - is amazing. You are unfathomably amazing. No one, least of all you, could possibly understand how amazing you are. The Law of Attraction is not about saying the magic words to create or attract a better reality or better version of you. And it's not about having your friends word-police you so that you don't commit the cardinal sins of wanting something or trying or whatever.

The Law of Attraction is about realizing that you are always attracting your next highest steps into your life. You are always creating your reality. It's about realizing that you're doing it right, that something beyond your conscious understanding is handling things perfectly on your behalf. 

When you think you're doing it wrong, that's when you're doing it right. The math on that is - when you think you're effing things up, that's just because you believe that there is a way to do it wrong. We were mostly all taught that as kids - that it's possible to do things wrong. I knew a girl whose parents told her she was doing it wrong when she scored a 98 on her math test instead of 100. My own parents were only slightly less unreasonable (they drew the line at 91, so like 7% different, yeah?). I spent most of my life convinced I was doing things wrong and desperately casting about to do things the right way. 

That's why I now know for a fact that there isn't a way to do it wrong. In my personal experience, whenever I'm at the brink of despair because I can't force myself to change some long-standing behavior pattern, or some seemingly impossible situation, or some emotional response that just won't budge - that's exactly the point right before my reality shifts around me in a Matrix-y fashion (apparently some of you haven't seen the Matrix because you were too young when it came out, so maybe I should a Rick and Morty portal fashion?). 

Because you can only berate yourself, or a hate a situation, for so long before you get bored. When you get bored of being upset about something, a crack in space and time opens, and suddenly - you're a different version of you. A more you version of you. 

The Law of Attraction isn't really about finding the right words to repeat to yourself so that you can magically vibrate your perfect body, partner, career, lifestyle, and world peace and oneness (to boot!) into being. The Law of Attraction is about listening for your true voice. The one that says, very quietly and with a good sense of humor, "you can do it!". The one that says, "it's okay," when you really don't feel like it's okay. The essence in you that feels beautiful, and lovely, and powerful, in a core kind of way that has nothing to do with how others perceive you. But enjoys being appreciated by others anyway. When you clarify and bring out that voice to the forefront of your consciousness, and you follow its suggestions, then doesn't life just seem to work?

There's a buzzing in your veins, a humming in the air, as synchronicities start to pour in. That's when you're miraculously in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people, to take your visions for your life and your projects forwards. That's the Law of Attraction, baby!

After a while of things going swimmingly (expansion), it's very natural for the wind to seem to turn (contraction). Things start feeling hard again. You're tired. You're unsure. That's totally normal. That's the other side of the Law of Attraction, the side that's less popular to talk about. When you're making real changes in your life, like listening to that smart inner voice that actually likes you, instead of the Greek chorus of anxiety and doom (I used to think only I had that, but now I know that almost everyone has that chorus choral-ing away. haha.), it stirs up the psychological landscape, you know? It's like a spring cleaning. Sometimes things seem dirtier and messier than before, but that's just because you're in the middle of cleaning! 

Guess what? Your life seems to suck again, brought to you by the Law of Attraction. No, you can't have your money back. This is just part of're still not doing anything wrong. This is happening cuz you did things right! You made changes. You listened to your own integrity and voice of truth, your Higher Self, the Divine or God, if you prefer. You heard. You acted in accordance with your integrity. Now, you feel like crap. 

Totally normal. Just drink a lot of water and ride it out. You'll apologize to your friends and loved ones later for snapping at them. Your subconscious is just rewiring itself is all, into a cleaner, clearer, more efficient configuration. Get some Reiki if you like. 

There's no magic pill or magic words to say, imho anyway, that makes your experience of life absolutely perfect and free of hiccups. You are always creating your highest reality, by virtue of just being you. You are more amazing than you could possibly fathom in 60 lifetimes. Listen to your inner voice that tells you so. Stop listening to the Greek chorus of doom and gloom. 

The next piece of really good news is that every time you go thru the Cycle (or roller coaster) of the Law of Attraction - good work! You've done a great job, and it's going to be easier next time. It's hard to have perspective from inside your life and brain, I know. Maybe ask a friend. Do I seem more chill over time, since I started with this LoA stuff?

Btw, Silkstaq is here to pepper you with positive messages. It's kind of tricky sometimes, this womanhood thing, right? Are you supposed to be slutty or virginal? In America? Hard to say! Are you supposed to spend a lot of time/money on your appearance, or is that...shallow? Silkstaq aims to create a social media and shopping experience where you are reminded that you are beautiful. That beauty is who you are, not something you have to achieve. That you are doing it right and the essence of you is attractive and that's the law around here ;) 

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