Q. What is Silkstaq?

Your favorite influencers probably have more than one online address. Silkstaq is a social media site that lets influencers link up their Youtube channel, Instagram, and blog(s), so all of their content is accessible in one place. Silkstaq currently is focusing on fashion bloggers, although we will soon be featuring beauty influencers as well. You can search for our users based on their body types, size, and budget, to find style influencers that match your profile. 

Q. What happens when I link my Youtube channel, Instagram, or blog RSS into Silkstaq?

When you link your Youtube channel, Instagram, or blog RSS, we pull your Youtube videos, Instagram photos, and blog posts into your profile. Anyone can check out your profile and see your latest content. Your followers get your videos, photos, and blog posts delivered into their feed. 

Q. Can I remove my content from Silkstaq?

Absolutely. You can unlink your Youtube channel, Instagram, or blog RSS from Silkstaq, and your posts will no longer show up in Silkstaq. You can also delete individual posts from any linked account. So if you only want to show fashion or beauty related content, you can easily remove posts of other subjects. If you change your privacy setting on an Instagram post, you can find the post in your Silkstaq profile and delete it immediately. We will also regularly check for changes in privacy settings.